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Feb 9, 2013 6:00am PST
cases, runs self-defense courses and provides psychological support to victims. she shows us a map. the red dots are hot spots for assault. women can report cases by text message and the website allows victims to share their experiences anonymously. it's normally a taboo topic. she tells us that many women are ashamed when it happens not least because society often lays the blame at their door. most people say no wonder look at what she is wearing. she probably had tight trousers on. if it's a woman wearing a nick ab they will say it's the way she was looking or her eye shadow. she was asking for it. nearly every woman in egypt has been harassed. for some it's a daily occurrence. she says the political situation is one of the causes. if someone is oppress bid the state they want to take it out on someone else who is weaker than they are. >> it's a form of bullying. >> hussein coordinates harass maps street teams. we go out on the streets with him. this neighborhood is on an island in the nile. we thought the problem of harassment would be worse in poorer areas. but in this male-dom
Feb 4, 2013 2:00pm PST
increases in defense production. roosevelt waited until after the presidential election to make his move. on december 29th, he called for a lend-lease program to aid the allies and $1 billion for arms production. we must be the great arsenal of democracy. for us, this is an emergency as serious as war itself. allied losses in europe mounted. plans for american aid increased. special envoys were dispatched to london and moscow to discuss war materials. at home, mobilization committees were set up, bringing together business and labor. robert nathan, the chief economic planner for the arsenal of democracy, recalls that the first problem was convincing depressed industries to expand. the steel industry, with great impact, said, "you're silly." we were down to 15% to 20% of our capacity utilization for some years during the depression. i don't think we would have convinced them if we hadn't had the gnp to demonstrate what a fully employed economy would accomplish. plants began shifting toward munitions and liberty ships were being designed. another capacity had to be measured and planne
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2